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This project is a commission I did for the Vilnius University magazine "Spectrum". I was asked to do four illustrations for various articles and one for the cover.


I was lucky to work with a supportive and organised team, also it was a pleasure to illustrate for such an interesting and educating content.

"Scientific methods can decrease suicide rates in Lithuania"

the newest discoveries of medicine, economics, mental health, cancer prevention and medical guidance for a healthy parenting.

A wide range of topics needed to be translated in a visual language: 

 "Water/diamond paradox, a riddle hard to solve for the economists nowadays"


"Scientific methods can decrease suicide rates in Lithuania" – a rejected illustration


Cover Illustration for the topic "Organoids"


"In the near future doctors will be able to control the growth of malignant tumours"


"Parents in Lithuania don't pay attention to recommendations, children spend more than two hours a day in front of screens"

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