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Open House Vilnius

This year I was lucky enough to be responsible for the visual of Open House Vilnius by winning the poster competition organised by OHV team.


The topic of this yearʼs festival was “Building Narratives”. 


“Open House Vilnius” is a festival held in Vilnius, Lithuania. Over the weekend the citizens of the capital city get a chance to participate in various events and excursions and to inform themselves about the architecture and the aesthetics surrounding them. The mission of the festival is to bring the knowledge of the architecture of Vilnius closer to the regular pedestrian.


The logo and the visual identity — Lina Marcinonyte

Animation — Edvinas Reikalas


People in the illustration are closely connected, as if extending each other, acquiring the monumental characteristic of architecture: architecture is a reflection of society, and for public discourse the individual is not enough, a close group of people is needed. 

Original poster made for the entry.

Poster in CMYK colours.

Poster in RGB colours.
Stories about urban spaces are created by the society, what the story will be, depends on the particular community and itʼs experiences are ever–changing, although the urban objects themselves may remain the same as before.
WhatsApp Image 2020-02-10 at
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