Hello, my name is Ūla Šveikauskaitė. 

I am a freelance illustrator from Lithuania, currently living and working in Vienna, Austria. I finished my studies in Vilnius Academy of Arts where I had studied graphics and printmaking. Four years of studies there led me to a better understanding of a line, a shape, a surface and a big range of traditional graphic technologies. After getting bachelor’s degree I took time to adapt all my knowledge of analogue techniques to the screen by developing skills in digital illustration.

The idea and storytelling in my work has a big importance, though in my images usually I prefer ambient to a laconic concept. It is like revealing a story in a slightly reserved manner so there is a place for a viewer to participate in its narrative.

Sources of inspiration: academic drawing, Polish posters, photography, boredom, the grotesque and humour of the everyday.

Selected clients: Vilnius University,“Dossier” magazine, “Open House Vilnius”.


If you would like to work with an illustrator attentive to detail, capable of translating text in a clear but non cliche way, to propose a project, to purchase my images or just to say hello, contact me:



2020 March – won a poster competition which became a visual of “Open House Vilnius”.

2019 – The magazine of Vilnius University “Spectrum” with my illustrations was shown in the exhibition “Good Design 2019” in the Museum of Applied Arts in Vilnius, Lithuania.

2019 – Video installation “Stoties Istorijos” was a part of the “Open Gallery” in “Loftas Fest”, an urban festival for music and contemporary art in Vilnius, Lithuania.

2019 – In May participated in the group exhibition “Adaptacija” which was a part of the festival “LT Art Vienna” in the gallery “Improper Walls”, Vienna, Austria

2019 – In February exhibited in a group exhibition “Lie to Me Baby” in the gallery “Improper Walls”, Vienna, Austria.

2018 – In October participated in “The Book Art Exhibition” in the gallery “Kairė — Dešinė”, Vilnius.

2017 – Participating in an exhibition in a gallery “Nyčės Ūsai”, Kaunas.

2017 – Participating in a group exhibition “A Message/ Links” in the cultural center of Jonava.

2016 – Participating in a group exhibition “Placebo” in the galery “5 Mills”.

2016 – Participating in organising and voluntarry work in “Cultural Nights of Vilnius” event CACA (Contemporary Art Center Active).

2015 – Participated in organising creative workshops “Knygryšėnai” in “Vilnius Book Fair”.

2015 – Participated in A. Švėgžda’s drawing competition in the Vilnius Academy of Art.

2015 – Took part in summer academy exhibition “Survival” in the galery “5 Mills”.

2015 – Took part in student days of art “Cosmic Odysey” in “Kablys” cultural bar.

2015 – Participated in the exhibition “Situations” in the Latvian Art Academy.

2014 – Participating in Summer practice exhibition “Castle” in the castle of Panemunė.